Jens Eilhardt, the founder of the brand HEYER, has been actively engaging in the production of clothing for 25 years. From the beginning, he has been passionate about the product in all its aspects: the fit, the manufacturing as well as the quality. He sees those three aspects as the pillars of his company. He is a product person through and through. He wants to touch the pieces and feel the fabrics. Through his focus on style and aesthetics, he creates pieces that are loved worldwide. The HEYER jackets and coats accompany the customers everywhere, from work to leisure. The do not succumb to any strict etiquette but rather present themselves as companions, that will fit to every occasion.

comprehends the international customers high demands and therefore all HEYER coats and jackets undergo high German quality controls. This creates trust between the customer and enables HEYER to be able to keep its promise: to always produce products of high-quality. “We see our credibility inside and out as a great responsibility. It serves as a source of stable daily impulses to create new record performances for our products and consequently for the company”.

It is very important to us, to produce our collections in a sustainable, fair, and honest manner. It is a high priority to ensure that the businesses we work with pay fair wages and know to value their human labor. We feel obligated to our entire supply chain. If possible, our products are produced from recycled materials and otherwise are produced under the highest possible ecological standards.
Elke Reinhold

 “I am a product person.”

 Twice a year, HEYER produces an Outdoor collection for women and men. What customer does the HEYER Outdoor label want to reach?
I prefer referring to them as style groups: HEYER represents men and woman, that know how to dress themselves. They are fashionable, successful in their professional as well as private life. They align themselves with the top labels but regarding pricing, expect affordable luxury. HEYER deliberately does not design trend focused collections. The brand has its own style and sets its own trends.

How would you define the HEYER style?
We create long lasting favorite pieces with a personal touch and high-quality details, that will be contemporary and puristic for many seasons. HEYER has very high standards regarding quality, workmanship as well as fit. All materials, colors as well as fictures are exclusively produced for us.

Why Outdoor?
Outdoor has always been my favorite product category. It is the mayor league. Outdoor jackets and coats are often put together from many different materials and equipment. Combining all the inside and outside pieces with the ribbons, buttons, zippers and so on, is just pure excitement.

Where are the collections produced?
Production takes place in European as well as Asian factories. These partners have specialized on product groups and work with high requirements regarding fair and sustainable production. The manufacturing facilities have all been handpicked by HEYER. We even know the employees that sew our samples as well as the entire collection personally.

In which price range does HEYER position itself?
The prices vary depending on the time and effort spent on the creation. Generally speaking, the price range begins where mainstream ends and can go up to the premium segment.

 “I am a product person through and through. I must feel and touch. I need the materials.”

“I prefer referring to them as style groups: HEYER collections are timeless, modern and dress men and woman of every age.”

“My customers are very diverse, but they all have one thing in common: they value quality, fit and workmanship.”

“Quality over everything. That is the bottom line of my business philosophy.”
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